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M-T 11-9

F 11-10 (or Midnight on Game Nights)

S 11-9

S 11-6


611 East Grand River Ave, Downstairs, East Lansing, MI


The importance of comics

They’ve stood the test of time. From cave paintings on a wall, chronicling the wild hunt, to Will Eisner’s reinvention of the standard form, to Alan Moore’s masterpiece, Watchmen. Comics tell stories about fantastic human beings, not just superheroes, but heart broken musicians, revolutionary political leaders, and classic literary characters. Stories great and small each have found their way into the world of comics and the world continues to expand. They’ve been adapted into television shows, films, novels and even a Broadway musical. Sequential art is as important as it’s ever been and continues to rise in popularity and recognition. Be a part of the revolution. Read comics.


Tabletop gaming is an incredibly rewarding hobby backed by an amazingly enthusiastic community. Whether you’re a new player experiencing Settlers of Catan with your friends for the first time, or a passionate player delving into your 500th game of Warmachine, there’s nothing that can quite match the feeling of a quality tabletop gaming experience. At Hollow Mountain, we will provide you with all the materials and help you need to join the expansive Michigan gaming community, or to help you expand your existing collection.


Adventure. Fantasy. Action. Romance. Knowledge. Excitement. It’s all here. Take your pick. Channel your inner kaiju while playing King of Tokyo or stand alongside Scott Pilgrim as he falls in love with Ramona Flowers. Build an empire upon sheep and bricks in a game of Settlers of Catan or fly alongside Superman in the latest issue of Justice League. It’s all here and it’s all waiting for you. Experience it all at Hollow Mountain.

East Lansing is Comic City, USA

Within the basement of Michigan State University’s library lies the largest public collection of comic books in the entire world. The majority of this collection, brought together by MSU Comics Bibliographer Randy Scott, contains not just American comics, but titles from as far away as France, India and Argentina. This collection trumps even the collection contained within The Library of Congress. Ryan Claytor’s Comics & Sequential Art class has been offered since 2009 and was the first Comics Studio course in Michigan State University's history. His students now exhibit their work at conventions around the United States and have garnered positions at a range of employers from Portland, Oregon's Independent Publishing Resource Center to The Cartoon Network. At Hollow Mountain, we are excited to connect with and support these amazing opportunities offered at MSU. We intend to create local events and traditions to make East Lansing an even better place to be a lover of comics and games.

East Lansing's iconic Beaumont Tower is a short walk from Hollow Mountain.

Introducing Friend of Hollow Mountain: Nate Powell

Nate Powell is a New York Times bestselling Comic Artist and a friend of Hollow Mountain. He is known for his illustration work on USA Today’s #1 Graphic Novel of 2013, March. Stop by the store for signed copies of his books and original artwork.

Check out his website.

Here’s some of the work he was awesome enough to furnish for Co-owner Gabe Cooper’s original play The Outstanding Eight.
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Gabe Cooper has been reading comic books since before he can remember. He can be found tucked away in comfortable corners, scanning through stacks of yellowed, dog-eared issues from the ‘60s. He’s an avid collector of all things Doctor Octopus (action figures mostly). He collects novels too, mostly Lemony Snicket or Charles Bukowski. Often on weekends he sits at his desk, writing, drawing or looking out his window at the changing seasons. Gabe has a vast knowledge of comic books, film and theatre, and hopes to bring aspects of all of these passions to Hollow Mountain!

Aaron is a recent graduate from the MSU business school, where he studied entrepreneurship. He grew up in game stores playing games like Settlers of Catan, Race for the Galaxy, Warhammer and Warmachine. His goal for Hollow Mountain is to grow and support the tabletop gaming community in East Lansing.

Aaron and Gabe met while in school at Michigan State University. Hollow Mountain is the combination of their expertise in comics and games. The store caters to gamers and comics fans, and will help grow these great hobbies in Michigan.