Hollow Mountain’s league is
a free event that runs
1pm-6pm every Sunday

The Hollow Mountain Commander League is a free league designed to promote fun and engaging multiplayer interaction. The event runs from 1PM-6PM every Sunday, with player organized pods firing as soon as there are enough people to play. The event does not have an entry fee, but it is sanctioned, so uses the official MTG Commander rules and ban list, and does not allow proxy cards. (Proxy users are welcomed to use the play space, but cannot enter the event or earn points)


Achievement will be awarded each game to players for making interested in-game plays (as listed in the link below) and can be exchanged at any time for different prizes. The achievements are designed encourage fun, dynamic games of Commander, and to try out new cards and card interactions. The list gets updated regularly to reflect new sets of magic and the interesting things those sets add to this wonderful format.

>Achievement List<



Prizes can be earned by exchanging league points at anytime during the leagues run. All prizes are limited and may run out or be removed due to availability, but new prizes are also added as availability allows.

>Prize List<