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Standard Showdown Win-A-FTV:Lore

Hollow Mountain is partaking in a new Magic the Gathering event series. Starting this Saturday and running each consecutive Saturday for a month we will be hosting standard tournaments with special Wizards of the Cost sponsored prize packs. For information on the event series check out:

Each tournament will run as follows:

Start time: Noon
Format: Standard
Entry Fee: $5
Prizes: 110% store credit pay out, top cut will receive a proportional amount of Standard Showdown Prize packs

Each entry in any of the tournament series also comes with a single raffle ticket and on the final weekend we will be raffling off a From The Vault: Lore. So the more you play the higher the chance of winning the prize!

The Standard Showdown packs can only be given out during the event series, and they contain the following:

>One premium card from a currently legal Standard set, including Zendikar Expeditions and Kaladesh Inventions*.
>Two rare or mythic rare non-premium cards from a set currently legal in Standard*.

Zendikar Expeditions and Kaladesh Inventions appear in roughly 1 in 33 boosters.

*Cards from Oath of the Gatewatch appear only in the premium slot. Double-faced cards do not appear in these boosters.

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