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Playtest Legacy Tournament

Swing by for our first playtest Legacy tournament. Our plan is to do a couple of these guys a month going forward and work towards having sanctioned events once people build up their collections.

Clearification: Playtest cards are stand-ins for real magic cards. They must: not be visable as different when they're in your deck, they must be clearly not real cards (no forged magic cards), and they must clearly state what card they represent. You can, for example, write the name of the card it represents in sharpie on the back of a basic land and sleeve your deck in opaque sleeves. Alternatively, you can tuck a black and white print out of the card on paper inside the sleeve along with a basic (in such a way that you can't see it when you're not supposed to).

You can run any number of playtest cards in your deck. Real cards are, of course, also alowed and encouraged. The ultimate goal of this is to build interest in Legacy and work towards having a community of players with complete Legacy decks.

Entry: $5
Prizes: 110% entries in store credit
Playtest cards: any number of playtest cards are allowed; go nuts brewing!
Sign in: 12:00-12:30, round 1 starts at 12:30

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Playtest Legacy Tournament