• +2 - Feather, the Redeemed - Using Feather’s ability, return 6 cards from exile to your hand at the end of a single turn (once per game).

  • +2 - Massacre Girl - Kill at least one 10+ power creature with Massacre Girl’s enter the battlefield ability.

  • +2 - Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion -  Produce 10+ mana through one single trigger of Neheb’s ability (once per game)

  • +1 - Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin -  Create 10+ Goblin Tokens with a single trigger of Krenko’s attack trigger.

  • +2/+4 - Niv-Mizzet Reborn - Draw 5 or more cards with a single trigger of Niv-Mizzet’s enter the battlefield trigger. Instead get +4 points if you instead draw exactly 10 cards.

  • +2 - Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves -  Destroy a creature with 10 or more toughness through any number of Tolsimir’s fight triggers in one turn.

  • +X - God-Eternal Kefnet -  Cast the card from Kefnet’s trigger on every player’s turn within one turn cycle. (Worth points equal to the number of opponents minus one)

  • +2 - God-Eternal Bontu - Control 5 or fewer permanents in play after the resolution of a single Bontu enter the battlefield ability.

  • +3 - Roalesk, Apex Hybrid -  Have Roalesk’s death ability trigger 3 times in a single game.


  • +1 - Big-Time - Control a creature with at least 20 power or 20 toughness.

  • +1 - Precision Execution - Eliminate an opponent with precisely one point of damage.

  • +1 - Might of the Meek - Win a game with a one mana spell or permanent.

  • +1 - Command the Dreadhorde- Control 10+ cards with the zombie creature type. (once per game)

  • +1 - Eldest - Control two or more creatures with “elder” in the typeline.

  • +1 - Guild Dominance - Eliminate another player from a rival guild. You and the player must both be playing a two color commander that share no more than one color. +1 point if either of the player’s commanders has ever been a Ravnican guild leader.

  • +2 - Dominance of the Dragon-God - Have a Nicol Bolas, the Dragon-God in play with 12+ loyalty abilities that are not printed on his cards.

  • +1 - War of the Spark- Control 4+ planeswalkers with different subtypes.

  • +2 - Landfall - Play every land in your deck.


  • +1 - Angel’s Grace - Prevent another player from being eliminated from the game. The player threatening the elimination can not be yourself. +1 point if you and the player’s commanders are both the same two colors. (Awarded once per opponent)

  • +1 - Slave of Bolas - Be the first person eliminated from the game.

  • +1 - Terraformer - End the Game or be eliminated having searched your library for no cards besides a single basic land. (must search at least once)

  • +1 - Veteran Swordsmith - Control 3+ equipment that are all attached to one creature. (Awarded once per game)

  • +1 - Cloak of Invisibility - Survive being attacked for Lethal Damage 3+ times. (Awarded once per game)

  • +1 - Intangible Virtue - Control 10+ creature tokens at one time. (Awarded once per game)

  • +1 - Coat of Arms - Control 5+ non-token creatures of the same type. (Awarded once per creature type but no more than twice per game)

  • +1 - Evacuate - Remove 10+ nonland permanents from the board at one time. (Awarded up to twice per game, per player)

  • +1 - Pacifism - Do not attack for the entire game. (Must survive at least 5 turns)


  • -3 - Combo Breaker - Eliminate a player prior to their 5th Turn. (Received for each player eliminated)

  • Combos are some of the best parts of Commander/Brawl, but we also want to ensure everyone gets a chance to play a fun game.

  • -2 - Negativism - Be a negative player in a match. (Received for each occurrence)

  • This is up to the discretion of the TO, this is not to police every disagreement, but to be a safety valve for unsportsmanlike behavior

  • -2 - Contamination - Significantly diminish another player’s ability to play the game-- specifically through targeted mana disruption, i.e. “destroy all lands target player controls.” Awarded at the TO’s discretion. (Received for each occurrence)

  • -1 - Fastbond - Have a Sol Ring or Mana Crypt in play on Turn 1

  • Exceptionally fast starts can be are fun and explosive, but come at a slight drawback.

  • -1 - Power Sink - Taking more than 1 additional turn per round. (Awarded for each additional turn after the first two)

  • -1 - Eon Hub - Spend more than 8 minutes on one turn. (Received for each offense)

  • -1 - Memory Lapse - Control another player’s turn more than once. (Received for each player controlled more than once)

  • -1 - Last Word - Counter more than 3 different non-counterspell cards in a single turn. (Received for each occurrence)

  • -1 - Infinite Expanse - Repeat infinite combo (a self-sustaining loop that can be performed an arbitrarily large number of times) more than 5+ times.