Magic: The Gathering

Magic is hands down one of the best strategy games ever made, and has become a very important part of what we do at Hollow Mountain.  The game is a perfect blending of planning, tactical decision making, awesome art and a little sprinkle of luck.  Read on to learn what kind of events and activities you can enjoy in the world of Hollow Mountain Magic.

how to play

We offer a multitude of ways to get into Magic at Hollow Mountain.  Stop by to grab a free learn-to-play pack to get the basics down.  After that, you can look at all our entry level products and pick the one that best suits your interests!  You can also learn through the digital game Duels of the Planeswalkers, then expand your game with the increased options and community connections that only paper Magic can offer.

formats of magic

The defining trait of Magic is the huge variety of ways to play.  At Hollow Mountain we play Standard, Modern, Draft, Sealed, Pauper, Commander, Highlander, Cube and more!  To learn more about the basic formats, check out Wizard's format rundown, or swing by the store and we can help find the format that most appeals to your style of play.



We are constantly running events and tournaments in a wide variety of formats and levels of competition.  Check out our calendar for dates and click on any event for more details, or give us a call and we can give you low down on all the exciting Magic action at Hollow Mountain.

the cube

Cube is a custom draft format in which players pick cards from a player-designed pool of cards, and battle it out with the decks they create on the spot.  We're extremely proud to be the owners of an awesome cube here at Hollow Mountain.  On demand cube action is a unique Magic experience you can enjoy at our store.  Check out our Cube Tutor page to see the cards in our cube, or play a practice draft against the computer!