We’re currently buying these cards at 90% TCG market in store credit, or 50% cash!

We also buy unlisted non-bulk cards at around 70% market in credit, and 30% cash.


Unglued Island x5

Show and Tell (Consipracy, Take the Crown) x2

Sneak Attack (EMA) x4

Leyline of the Void x2

Blackcleave Cliffs x1

Jace, Cunning Castaway x1

Dire Fleet Ravager x1

Toxic Deluge x1

Lifeline x1

Rampaging Ferocidon x1

Ravenous Chupacobra (foil) x1

Seal Away (foil) x1

Hungering Hydra x1

Steel Leef Champion x2

Mox Opal x2

Grove of the Burnwillows x2